Self-Defence in the security sector

Self-Defence in the security sector

Course objectives

  • This original method of self-defence aims to prevent and manage violence against security guards...

Entrance requirements



Rue de la station, 19
B-1300 LIMAL 

Required papers for registration

Registration form for individuals - Registration form for company
You have to send this paper by post to Fact Training Center, 19 rue de la Station - 1300 Limal, « to the attention of the reception », or by mail to « ». Do not forget to enclose the necessary annexes to your registration.

Your programme

  • Attacks
  • Verbal techniques for managing violence
  • Managing a conflict
  • Management tool for a conflict: the D.E.S.C. Method
  • Reminder of a certain self-defence logic
  • In self-defence, we favour certain hits
  • Parrying technique
  • Dodging
  • Projection
  • Immobilisation
  • Key movements on joints
  • Painful pressure techniques
  • Technical advice


Individual: On demand

Group: 1200€ - 15 persons/ session


Possible sessions in our center in Limal

Further information

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Phone : +32 (0)10 434 643