Retraining First-Aider

Retraining First-Aider

Course objectives

Allow licensed rescuers to:

  • Maintain the knowledge and skills required to recognize life threatening health conditions.
  • Ability to apply appropriate first aid principles while awaiting the intervention of specialized services.
  • The Code of Well-Being at Work, Book I - General Principles, Title 5 - First Aid requires annual recycling of 4 hours minimum in order to maintain the validity of the patent.

Entrance requirements

Being holder of the First-Aider Certificate


Rue de la station, 19
B-1300 LIMAL

or in your company


  • Measures to be applied vis-à-vis the victims as well as vis-à-vis the emergency services
  • Victim approach: primary assessment / secondary report
  • Situations (hostile environment, local smoke, ...) and learning stress management.
  • Recognition and care given to the most common pathologies.


Price per person: 80 €
Group price on request

We included in our price:

  • Coffee/tea
  • Bottles of water

* Price exempt from VAT according to article 44 of the VAT code