Retraining First Intervention Team Member (FIRE TRUCK)

Retraining First Intervention Team Member (FIRE TRUCK)

Course objectives

  • Reinforce the importance of prevention measures
  • Learning how to manage human behavior in case of calamities
  • Observe general and specific instructions
  • Recognize the alert situation and give the alarm
  • Become familiar with the different evacuation scenarios
  • Learning the right reflexes in case of fire
  • Recognize and use the first means of intervention
  • Reply to the Code of Wellbeing at Work Book III.- Workplaces Title 3.- Prevention of fire in the workplace.

Entrance requirements

  • The customer agrees to provide sufficient parking to accommodate a trailer of 12.40 m by 2.40 m (with an open space of at least 10 m and at least 30 meters from homes and flammable sources)
  • Access to this parking space must be wide enough to allow the arrival and departure of this trailer in the best conditions


On the site of your choice anywhere in Belgium

Required papers for registration

Registration form for individuals - Registration form for company
You have to send this paper by post to Fact Training Center, 19 rue de la Station - 1300 Limal, « to the attention of the reception », or by mail to « ». Do not forget to enclose the necessary annexes to your registration.
For the use of training checks, we need the two codes and the data sheet of each participant (download here).



  • Video session
  • What are the procedures in the event of fire?
  • What are the fire risks in your company?
  • Fire triangle, fire classes...
  • Different ways to extinguish fires
  • Extinguishing techniques
  • Signs
  • Application of instructions in realistic siatuations
  • Class A,B and C fire extinguishing exercices with a hose reel and extinguishers
  • Basic evacuation exercices
  • Exercices in smoke-filled premises
  • Virtual exercices in concrete situations


Group price (up to 15 people per session) **
1440 € for 1 day.
2500 € for 2 days
1.200 € per additional day

* Price exempt from VAT according to article 44 of the VAT code
** Including truck rental + travel, trainer, insurance, fire extinguishers and fuels, protective clothing (helmets, gloves, overalls, masks if necessary.)
*** Transport costs of the mobile training unit 7 € / KM

Further information

Fact Training Center - Service commercial
Rue de la Station 19, 1300 Limal
Phone : +32 (0)10 434 643