Emergency Drone Specialization

Emergency Drone Specialization

Course objectives

・ This first aid module allows you to see all the main emergency situations of the classic first aid module while paying particular attention to possible risks associated with drone operations.
・ Obtain a regulatory patent, approved by the Ministry of Employment and Labor.
・ Strengthen measures to protect workers' work and safety.
・ Complete the continuous training plan on the social balance sheet.

Entrance requirements

No admission requierement



Rue de la Station 19

1300 LIMAL

or in your company...


・ Call to emergency services
・Notions of classic first aid
・ Description of a drone and its hazards
・Drone, Associated Injuries
・ Drone Injury Care
・ Different risks associated with drone use
・ Hazards for emergency responders
・ Electrical Risks
・ The propeller in motion: deep and multiple wound
・Drone Falls
・ Presentation of a special Drone first aid kit


Price per group (min. 10 pers.): €2160

We included in our price:
・Bottles of water
・Lunch and drink

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