Conduct in case of armed assault

Conduct in case of armed assault

Course objectives

・ Provide individuals exposed to the risk of armed attack with the necessary conduct during and after the assault
・ Control preventive measures (active or passive safety)
・ Understanding the relationship with law enforcement to ensure the safety of individu



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・The notion of vigilance in its environment
・ Discretion, an act of passive safety
・ Knowledge of general safety instructions
・ Workplace equipment or how to protect yourself on a daily basis
・ Standard prevention and protection guidelines applicable daily

The unfolding of an armed assault
・ Stages of armed assault ◦ Surprise Phase
◦Incomprehension phase
◦Event Psychological Management Phase
◦Post-event phase (relationship with law enforcement, colleagues, hierarchy)

・ Behavior in the event of armed assault ◦
◦Ability to behave properly
◦ Relationship with collaborators and aggressors

・ Human reactions to emotional shock ◦ This whole approach will be based on the experiences of the speaker
◦ Managing stress and emotions

Relations with the security forces
・ Call and Fact Description
・ Identification of the aggressors


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